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Our cookies are not only beautiful outside.
They are delicious inside!

Vanilla, Lemon, Lemon Raspberry, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate and Ginger Molasses Chew.

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Gorgeous outside & delicious inside 

Tired of trying cookies that may be well sort of pretty outside but dry and just boring inside?… Try our cookies! Flavors are:

– Vanilla
– Lemon
– Lemon Raspberry
– Cinnamon Roll
– Chocolate
– Ginger Molasses Chew.

You can pick one flavor for every two dozen ordered!

The best ingredients

Cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients including Vanilla Bean Paste, Freeze Dried Raspberries and fresh lemon juice.


Pricing starts at $60/dozen with a two dozen minimum for 3” – 4.5” size. 

Pricing may go up for more intricate designs, writing, florals.Add a description here.

We can package your cookies in a beautiful package with a bow!


Other sweet things we bake…

In addition to royal icing cookies, we make Biscotti in many flavors. We also make several drop cookies and Brownies including:
  – Snickerdoodle
  – Chocolate Chip
  – Brown Sugar Toffee


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